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Many people wonder why they should install mulch in their garden because they do not understand the benefits it can have for your landscape. Mulch will enhance the life of your plants in many ways. Mulch protects your plants from being overcome with weed growth and other harmful elements. Mulch will also lock in moisture in your soil which will help nourish your plants and keep them at their optimal health. This is especially important around the beginning of the new growing season.

Another powerful advantage of using mulch in your garden is that it keeps the proper nourishment and moisture directed towards your plants instead of letting it feed weeds and unwanted seedlings. It will also serve as a blanket to protect the roots of your plants from frost and other harmful weather.

We offer an array of different mulches that are specialized to benefit the type of plants that are common here in Indiana, as well as mulch that is specialized to protect those plants from the weather patterns that we normally experience. Whether you're looking to refresh your landscape or put in a new landscape all together, we can provide the mulch installation to ensure the maximum benefit to your landscape.

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