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Our team here at K&H Lawn Care and Landscape are homeowners just like you, so we understand the importance of a well maintained and mowed lawn. We also know how much a clean and mowed lawn can improve the look of your home and landscape, while also increasing the curb appeal of your home at the same time. Our team are fully aware and prepared for the different challenges that each season brings to the table. We know the appropriate equipment use to guarantee that you get the beautiful lawn that you want and deserve.

What most people don't know is that different grass types have different optimal lengths they need to stay at to stay healthy, this is why accuracy when mowing is so important. We have the professional grade equipment necessary to deliver the most accurate results for your turf. Our team of experienced and knowledgable lawn care professionals know exactly what your lawn needs to thrive, while also guaranteeing consistent results to ensure the long term life of your lawn.

Besides having a nice and clean appearance, there are many other benefits to having a well maintained yard. These benefits include fewer pests as well as a greater tolerance to temperature fluctuations. We never glance over the details so we can ensure a properly mowed and manicured lawn every time you choose us for our lawn mowing services. We don't only service residential properties, we also provide all of the same lawn mowing services to commercial areas as well. Whether its a business building, hotel, apartments, etc. we will always provide you with mowed and manicured turf.

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